Intellectual Property Strategic Consulting

I give you the tools you need to strengthen your brand protection and business growth in less than 72 hours.
The Intellectual property business consulting is a personalized service that helps companies to strengthen and protect their brand, identifying how intellectual property is operating.
Know in detail what are the rights of your company on your invention or internal confidential information, to support your market positioning and drive exponential growth.

Reach Deliverable

Reduce the risks associated when creating the brand or expanding it, identifying opportunities for improvement in terms of:

  • Viability of the brand name at the intellectual property level.
  • Non-compliance with the law.
  • Identification of the field in which the brand will be developed.
  • Corresponding international classification.
  • Performance of the business or the organization of the new business.

This way, the parameters under which the trademark must be protected will be known with certainty, in an effective and efficient manner.  

  • Strategic plan for a protected trademark and a successful business. 
  • Benefits of the service.
  • Understanding brand protection beyond commercial registration. 
  • Identification of improvement opportunities for the brand and the business in an integral way.
  • The basis for the effort and investment made so far in the business is protected.
  • Guidance on how to monetize the brand or invention.
  • Advice on how to protect the business in case of vulnerability due to information leakage.
  • Action plan for the trademark exclusive use throughout the country or internationally.

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